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rapi.Website is a SaaS

rapi.Website is a platform that offers, such as service, the ability to build and launch personal or commercial websites without the need for technical knowledge. Its focus is on providing an environment of building websites without code, allowing users to develop their projects without difficulties. The platform uses WordPress as a base and offers a ongoing support and training For the users.

rapid solutions.Website

The rapi.Website platform offers different solutions adapted to user needs. These solutions include creating personal or corporate websites, professional blogs, and online academies to sell courses and services. In addition, the platform is compatible with translation into several languages and offers various optional extensions for e-commerce, marketing, reservations, and ERP and CRM.

Websites created with rapi.Website are built visually and are responsive, the latter means that they automatically adapt to different devices (mobile, tablet, PC...) without the need for additional plugins or updates. Additionally, there are no resource limits for uploading new templates, providing flexibility in website design and customization.

One of the notable advantages of using rapi.Website is that eliminates the need to purchase hosting or perform installations, since the platform takes care of the entire process. This reduces operating costs and makes the website creation process easier.

Additionally, rapi.Website allows you to combine WordPress with different LMS (such as Learndash) to create profitable online academies. By combining these tools, the educators They can reach a global audience, offer interactive learning experiences, and apply various monetization strategies. This gives them the flexibility necessary to climb your projects sustainably and generate significant income.

Life cycle of the websites and plans offered by rapi.Website

The plans offered by rapi.Website are divided into three levels: DESIGN, DESIGN&TEST and LIVE, attending to different stages of the website development cycle and income generation. No technical knowledge is required and support is continuous.

There is option to change plans at any time without losing money and offers a 15 day free trial to new users. All plans include hosting, SSL, WordPress, visual builder (like DIVI Extra) and value added services such as antivirus, firewall, etc..., in addition Agency plans allow you to create multiple sites for your clients, as well as acting as Affiliated Professor generating recurring income. Plus, annual payment offers better prices.


In summary, rapi.Website is an accessible and versatile platform which offers users the ability to create and launch websites without complications and without requiring technical knowledge.

With its different plans and features, rapi.Website, adapts to the needs of different users, whether they are individuals, companies or online educators who wish to create professional websites for themselves or their clients, also including the creation of profitable online stores or academies.

Your focus on using WordPress and an LMS like Learndash offers a powerful combination for those who wish enter the world of online commerce or digital education.

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  • Main
  • FAQs
  • What is rapi.Website in summary
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