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Who said you needed technical knowledge to create an online business?

Who is rapi.Website for?

🎓 Course creators

Earn money teaching people what you know. Organize and offer your courses online, grow your student base, receive payments from your students and sell your courses using sales funnels.

Bonuses: Become a rapi.Website teacher and earn recurring income, without limits, teaching others to make the most of the platform.

💻 Consultants, Creators and Freelancers in general (self-employed professionals)

Create a powerful website to sell your services, show your work and get more clients. Sell your professional services or products. Hold automated webinars, communicate with your customers, grow your audience and business.

Are you a Web designer?... Create your clients' websites using our platform (faster speed, better service, scalability and margins).

🏬🏠 Small business owners (SMEs)

Create a professional website and bring your business to life with our marketing and e-commerce tools. Create your online store and sell what you want to anyone locally and globally.

🙆 Personal

Create your website, your personal blog, write about what you like and create your personal brand. Or create your academy and/or online store: sell your courses and products to anyone locally and globally.

Do you still have doubts? We explain it to you step by step

Your website in 5 minutes

How does rapi.Website work step by step?

The idea is simple: we offer you a solution (platform + support and continuous training + templates, plugins and necessary modules) with which to learn, create, put online and get the most out of your personal or business website without worrying about anything technical. This is the process, in summary, that you will follow:

Everything ready for you to choose

Solutions Available, without the need for technical knowledge (no-code)

Choose the one that best suits your current situation or need. At any time you can switch from one to the other as suits you. All solutions include platform + support and continuous training + necessary templates, plugins and modules

Online Web Solution
Online Academy Solution
Online Academy Solution

All of the above solutions include the following features:


🔶 WordPress hosting and necessary plugins installed. (forget about everything technical, no-code)

+ ✅ Start at your own pace, with the minimum cost and Evolve and Scale without the need for technical knowledge, everything is visual👀: tutorials, step by step, on the platform itself, it is not a traditional course, each step is a real action and with visible results on your website.

+ ✅⬆ Expandable with contact forms, lead capture, sales funnels, your own affiliate system... wide capabilities, without losing anything created, to any of the rest of the solution plans at any time.

+ ✅ Integration with payment methods: Paypal and Stripe, without additional commissions.

+ ✅ No strings attached! Migrate your content from or to Wordpress whenever you want.


  1. Allows the resale of your websites: you can clone, with a single click, the websites you make and sell them to clients.
  2. You can participate in our affiliate club and generate additional recurring income.

Satisfaction guaranteed

All our solutions, through the following characteristics and conditions, ensure your satisfaction as a customer.


🔶 Choice between more than 200 different web templates, with the possibility of easily adapting them to your brand, through visual tools. You can change it again at any time and without limit of changes.

🔶 You can modify your website whenever you want, there is no limit. It's like your own Wordpress installation, but organized and governed to ensure it works best.

  • Expandable with contact forms, lead capture, sales funnels, membership system, your own affiliate system, etc...
  • Add, modify, etc... your own content or integrations with third parties.

🔶 You can upload (+capabilities) or downgrade, at any time, you will only pay for what you consume on each plan. You can change as many times as you need and at any time.

🔶 You can unsubscribe at any time (unsubscribe).

Security, Availability, Hosting and Backups

  • Wordpress (number 1 in the world), professional plugins and hosting included.
  • Optimized speed.
  • SSL included.
  • WAF included.
  • Antivirus, for the WordPress platform, included
  • Security tools included.
  • Automatic periodic backups included.


🔶 Possibility of integration with CRM, marketing platforms, multimedia platforms (Youtube, Vimeo...), social networks, facebook ads, google ads, analytics, etc...

🔶 Possibility of integration with payment methods: Paypal and Stripe, etc..., without additional commissions. So you can easily monetize your website.

🔶 Cloud storage: Google Drive, etc...

WITHOUT TIES of any kind

+ 😍You can unsubscribe at any time.

+ 😍You can migrate to another hosting at any time, following the procedure/service that we offer you for this.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: without technicalities and with support

You do not need previous experience in creating blogs, websites or any technical knowledge.

👥 Training and community (you will not be alone), evolve your website and business accompanied at all times.

Start at your own pace, with the minimum cost, evolve and scale, everything is visual👀: tutorials, step by step, on the platform itself, it is not a traditional course, each step is a real action, which you will carry out yourself, with results visible on your website.

🎓 Basic support, expandable to mentor level.

demo - demonstration

Take a look at your website

With just one click, this is the free website that you will have to start with:

Online Web Solution


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